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NTF Multi-stakeholder Knowledge Platform Community

New Trust Foundation engages with a broad, multi-stakeholder community with experts and others, in an independent and neutral way, informally contributing where possible and sharing knowledge, in expert meetings and plenary meetings organised by the Foundation. Meetings are generally held under the Chatham House Rule.

New Trust is all about dynamic multi-stakeholder collaboration in a transparent, consistent, accountable and otherwise trustworthy way. This, to co-create comfort, confidence and courage to share knowledge, jointly innovate, listen, act, learn and improve. All this to co-design, co-build, achieve and sustain the main enabler and successfactor to address societal challenges in this Digital Age: trust.

Therefore, our community consists of experts and others from the private and public sector, academia, NGOs and others in the field of dynamic attributes, trusted data sharing, digital ecosystems, digital identity and the like.

Our latest Knowledge Platform Community Event, in Nieuwspoort, The Hague, was attended by such persons from more than 15 public sector organisations, 15 private sector organisations, and 15 other sector organisations.

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