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Committee of Recommendation

Members will be listed soon

The honourable members of our Committee of Recommendation underwrite and support publicly the mission and vision of the New Trust Foundation by means of activating their network and act as a sparring partner for the Board. Membership is by formal invitation carried out by the Board supported by recommendations of the Committee. Members join on a Pro Deo basis applying the principle of noblesse oblige: the courtesy of carrying out good deeds.
The Committee of Recommendation has no president or formal meetings. Its members will however be invited to join (and participate in) expert meetings and network events organized by the Foundation.

Director of NTF

Arthur van der Wees

Kennisplatform Deelnemers

Diederik van Leeuwen, Program Director Innovation Management UBR
Onno Muchall, Wnd Director UBR-P
Douwe Leguit, Programma-directeur Digitalisering Strafrechtketen
Albert Kappe, Architect, I-Interim Rijk
Abram Klop, Project Manager, I-Interim Rijk
Ruud van de Steeg, I-Interim Rijk
Marc van Hilvoorde, plv CIO Rijk
Various other stakeholders from the private and public sector in the field of dynamic data, digital identity and secure communication

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