Trust in the Digital Age

Today’s world where datafication is playing a key role, requires new ways of creating trust. To help avoid geo-political, societal, ecological and economical disasters. To save money, resources and even lives. To become resilient. To stay relevant and future-proof. To grasp the opportunities and bounties of this Digital Age within safe and ethical boundaries.

This new trust is fully depended on the quality, integrity and trustworthiness of the data, trust in the data, as well as the processes, organisations, people and technology related thereto.

By now, we have to accept this can no longer be delivered by a single entity, standard or register. The single point of truth concepts we have worked with for many decades are now becoming a single point of failure. While trustworthy parties playing by the rules are exploring ways of working together and building this new trust, we see others, malicious actors, accelerating and bypassing the traditional trust anchors.

Today trust in transactions of any kind can only be achieved in our 24/7, digital world by cooperation of organisations contributing with their ‘points of truth’ by adding attributes in a chain of trust. Thus building together a platform working towards a 100% verifiable truth.

About us


The mission of the New Trust Foundation (NTF) is to promote and support trust in, trustworthiness of and accountable use of digital identity, data, attributes, personas and authorities of people, organisations and systems.

One of the challenges we face in this dynamic Digital Age is that context, convergence and huge amounts of data and stakeholders lead to complexity, including the difficulty to organising, setting, documenting and managing the appropriate levels of trust and trustworthiness by organizations in relationships, engagements and transactions of any kind. We, however, see this as a huge opportunity, if we organize ourselves, and understand each other well.

The ultimate aim of the New Trust Foundation is to create a vibrant, long-lasting, transparent and lively network where accredited participants actively support trust ecosystems by providing, organising and using attributes and other essential components based on legislation by governments and services provided by the symbiosis of organisations and society, either public, private, NGOs, individuals and the like.


To do so, we need new ways of cooperating by governments, NGOs, companies and institutes around the world. They need to join forces, work with open source applications and share knowledge, computing power and means. For most participants in this network this will lead to a new way of working and thinking about their core operation, since they are no longer the appointed trust anchor, but part of a new chain of trust.

However, the role of legislators, regulators and registrars will still be very viable, since they need to continue to contribute to this chain of trust with the attributes they are in charge of. This will (need to) lead to a paradigm shift in our way of thinking about and working in the fields of identity, authentication and authorisation.

Committee of Recommendation

Members will be listed soon

The honourable members of our Committee of Recommendation underwrite and support publicly the mission and vision of the New Trust Foundation by means of activating their network and act as a sparring partner for the Board. Membership is by formal invitation carried out by the Board supported by recommendations of the Committee. Members join on a Pro Deo basis applying the principle of noblesse oblige: the courtesy of carrying out good deeds.
The Committee of Recommendation has no president or formal meetings. Its members will however be invited to join (and participate in) expert meetings and network events organized by the Foundation.

Director of NTF

Arthur van der Wees

Advisory Team

Diederik van Leeuwen, Program Director Innovation Management UBR
Onno Muchall, Wnd Director UBR-P
Erik Jonker, Al gemene Rekenkamer
Linda Holst, Raad voor Rechtspraak
Douwe Leguit, Programma-directeur Digitalisering Strafrechtketen
Albert Kappe, Architect, I-Interim Rijk
Abram Klop, Project Manager, I-Interim Rijk
Ruud van de Steeg, I-Interim Rijk
Marc van Hilvoorde, plv CIO Rijk
And a consortium of suppliers in the field of secure communication.

NTF Programme

NTF Secure Mobile Communication Platform

The NTF Platform is built in the Netherlands, for
professional public sector and private sector organizations in need for secure communication capabilities. The Dutch Government is launching customer and supports the development of the platform. Key features of the platform are amongst others:

  • Privacy and security developed by default and design: multifactor authentication (currently with more than 7 factors), no storage of data, hosting in The Netherlands at a highly secure location and the communication is end-2-end encrypted (E2EE)
  • Available as-a-service and on premises for (international/secure) communication by governments and other trusted partied. Participation at the platform is upon request only.

Browser based, operational by bringing your own device (BYOD). Upon request is a service package for a high-secure platform available in combination with hardened managed laptops.

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NTF launches Secure Mobile Communication platform

26 maart 2020

While we all suffer from the consequences of the corona virus outbreak, a growing number of people need to start working remotely in a secure environment. 


Stichting New Trust Foundation is located at (1075 AT) Emmalaan 21, Amsterdam, in which shared offices its daily operations are facilitated.

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