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The mission of the New Trust Foundation (NTF) is to promote and support trust in, trustworthiness of and accountable use of digital identity, data, attributes, personas and authorities of people, organisations and systems.


One of the challenges we face in this dynamic Digital Age is that context, convergence and huge amounts of data and stakeholders lead to complexity, including the difficulty to organising, setting, documenting and managing the appropriate levels of trust and trustworthiness by organizations in relationships, engagements and transactions of any kind. We, however, see this as a huge opportunity, if we organize ourselves, and understand each other well.


The ultimate aim of the New Trust Foundation is to create a vibrant, long-lasting, transparent and lively network where accredited participants actively support trust ecosystems by providing, organising and using attributes and other essential components based on legislation by governments and services provided by the symbiosis of organisations and society, either public, private, NGOs, individuals and the like.

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