NTF launches Secure Mobile Communication platform

While we all suffer from the consequences of the corona virus outbreak, a growing number of people need to start working remotely in a secure environment. During this crisis all over the world directors, managers and collaborators start using all kinds of cloud based application for conference meetings, either by telephone or video. For trusted parties, like governments, institutes and vital industry, there is an urgent need for a more secure way of communication. Besides concerns over privacy, chats and documents are now being scattered around the internet in an unmanaged way. Moreover, for safe calls between government and non-government (companies, (healthcare) institutes, national and international) there are often only limited and user unfriendly options available.

For this reason the New Trust Foundation has developed, with the support of the Dutch government, a secure mobile communication platform. At present this platform is being rolled out and soon available for selected groups of users. We will update this information on a regular basis.

Work safe, stay healthy. Also digital.

For more information please contact us at info@newtrustfoundation.org